In response to customer interest RSI has completed construction of a new piece of test equipment with a unique purpose. The Infrared Reflection Comparative Test Station, or IRC test stand, is designed and built to compare the infrared energy reflection capabilities of rigid insulation panels.

A sample panel is exposed to quartz heat lamps at a precisely controlled power setting. A thermocouple is positioned to receive reflected infrared radiation. The temperature gain at the thermocouple over time is compared with that of a known reflector, and the relative efficiency of the panel being tested is expressed as a percentage.

A database of materials is being built. The information is being used to help us give concrete advice to our customers when selecting a material to serve as insulation in infrared dryers, ovens and heaters.

The IRC has given us the ability to definitively show the infrared reflection superiority of lightweight insulation panels made from our two new materials, AmorSil™ and Q-Board™. In direct comparisons, panels made from both of these materials have outperformed samples of Quartzel®* from Saint-Gobain, which are well known panels with a similar purpose.

We are also proud to announce that Q-Board™ is 100% North American made.

A full disclosure of the apparatus, methods and sample data is available in our technical papers area, Infrared Reflection Comparison Apparatus and Methods.

*Quartzel® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Quartz, a business unit of the Saint-Gobain group.