Mineral wool, mineral fibers or man-made mineral fibers are fibers made from natural or synthetic minerals or metal oxides. Man-made insulation generally refers solely to synthetic materials including fiberglass, ceramic fibers and rock or stone wool.

The physical and chemical properties of mineral wool insulation, also known as rock and slag wool, are major factors in their utility. Used to prevent the spread of fire, the fibers are non-combustible and have melting temperatures in excess of 1800-2000º F. Rock and slag wool products supply fire protection, as well as sound control and attenuation and are a primary constituent of ceiling tile and sprayed fire proofing.

The excellent thermal resistance of mineral wool insulation is a major factor in it’s use as residential, commercial, and industrial insulation, pipe and process insulation, insulation for ships, mobile homes, domestic cooking appliances, and a wide variety of other applications. In addition, the use of rock and slag wool as a horticultural growing medium has increased in recent years.

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