Many of Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components’s materials have melting points well above 3000°F. Factors such as shrinkage and differential heating can lead to failures above this temperature. In certain applications our materials can be used above 3000°F (eg: intermittent high temperatures, exothermic welding). If you have an application above 3000°F, please call to discuss your application with our knowledgeable staff. They will be able to validate one of our materials, if applicable.

gemcolite-thumbnail Gemcolite
Alumina Silicate Fiber Boards, Machined parts, and Shapes
heart Gemcolite-Alumina
High Temperature Alumina Fiber Boards, Machined Parts and Shapes
t-cast-thumbnail T-Cast
98% High Purity Alumina Fiber Boards, Machined Parts and Shapes
Great for Reducing Atmospheres such as in SOFCs
sinterlyte-thumbnail Sinterlyte
99% High Purity Alumina Fiber Kiln Furniture, Available Coatings to Ensure Chemical
Compatibility during Firing Processes (Ex. Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Powdered Metals,
Ceramic   Electronics)
blanket-thumbnail Blanket, Paper, Felt
Insulation materials are available in multiple grades, and custom die-cut shapes and