AmorSil™ Amorphous Silica Insulations

High Infra-red Reflection Insulation

SDSTechnical Data Sheet

High infrared reflection insulation materials for applications up to 2000°F

AmorSil™ amorphous silica refractory formulations were developed for use in applications where there is a need for lightweight insulation with high infrared reflection properties. AmorSil™ products are formed from amorphous silica fibers and refractory binders and are available in several densities with varying degrees of insulating properties.

For insulation material with even higher infrared reflection, see our Q-Board™ materials. For more information on how we compare infrared reflection properties of various insulation panels see our technical paper Infrared Reflection Comparison Apparatus and Methods

Manufacturing capabilities

Amorsil™ can be formed as boards, sleeves, chambers and any custom shape. In addition, Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components has a wide range of machining capabilities for added details and tight tolerances. AmorSil™ materials can have hardware molded or installed into them to provide easy installation.

Applications include:

  • Infrared Dryers
  • Infrared furnaces
  • Metallization drying firing
  • Phosphorus diffusion furnaces