FG23-102, FG23-10270, FG23-102BN

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C-Cast Board Insulation

Superior chemical resistant insulation materials for applications up to 2300°F

The C-Cast® product line was developed specifically for applications where refractory ceramic fiber alone rapidly degrades. It boasts superior chemical and abrasion resistance when compared to other ceramic fiber products.

C-Cast® products are formed using a composite of alumina-silicate fibers, high performance components, and include both inorganic and organic binders for excellent handling strength and material integrity at high temperatures. C-Cast® is suitable for applications up to 1260°C (2300°F).

Applications include:

  • Secondary Combustion Chambers
  • Refractory for reducing atmospheres
  • Refractory for chemically abusive environments

Manufacturing capabilities

C-Cast® Shape

C-Cast Insulation, Custom Shapes

C-Cast® can be formed as refractory boards, sleeves, chambers and any custom shape. In addition, Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components has a wide range of machining capabilities for added details and tight tolerances. Refractory Insulation Boards may be surface treated to provide additional erosion or specific chemical resistance for use in extremely hostile environments. C-Cast® materials can have hardware molded or installed into them to provide easy installation.

Excellent Energy Conservation

Low thermal conductivity and heat storage make C-Cast® materials an outstanding energy saver. Thermal shock resistance permits fast cycling without cracking or spalling.