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Versatile industrial insulation materials for up to 3000ºF applications

Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components (UETC) offers a complete line of Ceramic fiber insulation blankets, felts and papers. They are available in standard widths of either 24″ or 48″, and thicknesses from 1/16″ to 2″. Custom sizes and die-cut shapes are also available. Blanket, paper and felts are available for applications up to 1650ºC (3000ºF)

Ceramic Fiber Blankets, Felts and Papers

Ceramic Fiber Insulation, Blankets, Felts and Papers

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blankets are also available in the wet blanket form with an inorganic binder added to it. Wet blankets, also commonly known as Wetpack, when dried become rigid and could be a stop-gap substitute for Vacuum Formed Shapes or Pre-cast Refractory Shapes during the developmental phase of a project.

Available Product Types

High Purity 2400

SDS | Technical Data Sheet

High Purity 2400 is produced from high purity Alumina and Silica fiber insulation raw materials. With its low

impurity chemical make-up, it provides improved service life and superior thermal performance over the Kaolin-based products on the market.

AZS 2600

Refractory Ceramic Fiber SDS | Technical Data Sheet

High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Gaskets

Ceramic Fiber Insulation, Die Cut

AZS 2600 is a high temperature refractory material produced from high purity Alumina, Zirconia and Silica materials.
This product has exceptional thermal stability at elevated temperatures and is recommended for applications above the service limit of High-Purity 2400 Blanket and below 2600ºF.

Alumina Fiber

SDS | Technical Data Sheet

Alumina Fiber products are made from Polycrystalline Alumina Fibers. These products contain 95% – 97% Alumina and are very low in Silica. Alumina Fiber Mat and Alumina Fiber Blanket can be used where the use temperatures exceed 2600ºF. They are also an excellent accessory to T-Cast Fuel Cell Insulation for

Wetpack™ Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Ceramic Fiber Insulation, High Purity

use in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Furnaces and Kilns having reducing atmospheres, Syngas Production and Nuclear Reactors where the presence of Silica is not desired.

Applications include:

  • Industrial Furnace Insulation Linings
  • Flexible Pipe Insulation
  • Reformer
  • Insulation
  • Reheating Industrial Furnace Insulation
  • High-temperature Kiln Linings
  • Heat Treating Equipment Lining
  • Appliance Insulation
  • Water Heater & Boiler Insulation
  • Chimney Linings
  • Soaking Pit Seals & Wraps
  • Combustion Chamber Liner
  • Expansion Joint Seals
  • Glass Furnace Insulation
  • Nuclear Reactor Lining
  • Steam Pipe Insulation
  • Refinery Insulation
  • Gas Fireplaces & Wood Stove Insulation
  • Incineration Linings
  • Stack Insulation
  • Syngas Generator Back-up Insulation
  • Fuel Cell Insulation
  • Power Plant Insulation
  • Annealing Furnace Seals and Covers
  • Flare Stack Insulation