Technical Data Sheet

Fireshield™ Combustion Chambers

Fireshield Insulation Materials Custom Enclosures

Fireproof insulation materials for fire rated device applications

Fireshieldproducts are formed using alumina-silicate fibers, both inorganic and organic binders, and a proprietary blend of high performance materials. Fireshield is used as a fire protection material, and can be engineered to meet UL-72 standard, ½ hour and 1 hour fire ratings.

Manufacturing capabilities

Fireshield can be formed as boards, sleeves, combustion chambers and any custom shape. In addition, Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components has a wide range of machining capabilities for added details and tight tolerances. Fireshield materials

Fireshield™ Fireproof Insulation

Fireshield Insulation Materials Enclosures

can have hardware molded or installed into them to provide easy installation.

Applications include:

  • Fireproof Safes
  • Fireproof Enclosures for:
    • Important documents
    • Pictures
    • CD’s
    • Hard Drives
    • Server Racks

      Ceramic Fiber Insulation Board

      Fireshield Insulation Materials Boards