Mightylite™ Structural Insulation Panels-Calcium Silicate Insulation

Mightylite Structural Insulation Panels

SDS – L and M | SDS – S and XTechnical Data Sheet

Structural insulation materials for applications up to 1800°F

Mightylite is an inorganic, incombustible material. Chemically Mightylite features a xonotlite crystal structure that results in exceptional strength and extremely low water of hydration. Mightylite is composed primarily of lime, silica, and reinforcing fibers. This product is, white, essentially dust free, and contains no asbestos.

Manufacturing capabilities

Mightylite is available in standard sheets of 4’x4’ and 4’x8’ and up to 3″ thick. Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components has a wide range of machining capabilities for custom shapes or details with tight tolerances. These materials may be surface treated to provide resistance to liquids or gas flow. Mightylite materials can have hardware installed into them to provide easy installation.

Excellent Energy Conservation

Low thermal conductivity and heat storage make Mighylite materials an outstanding energy saver. Thermal shock resistance permits fast thermal cycling without cracking or spalling.

Applications include:

  • Fire rated enclosures around kitchen exhaust hoods
  • Fire proofing for structural steel
  • Fire rated walls
  • Kiln and Industrial furnace insulation linings
  • Refractory backer for boilers
  • Bottom/sidewall insulation in aluminum electrolysis cells