Below is a directory of common product names and formulations that are manufactured at Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components (UETC). We will be updating our website soon with more information. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us.

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UETC Products

FG23-101 Gemcolite®
FG23-102 C-Cast®
FG23-10270 C-Cast® 70
FG23-102BN C-Cast® BN
FG23-103 Gemcolite® NS
FG23-103F Gemcolite® NSF
FG18-105 Solulite™
FG23-105 Solulite™ HT
FG23-105CC Solulite™ C-Cast HT
FG23-106 Solulite™ I
FG23-106NS Solulite™ NS
FG23-107 Gemcolite® HP
FG21-108 Gemcowool®
FG21-109 Gemcowool® NS
FG26-110 Gemcolite® AZS
FG26-110HD Gemcolite® HD AZS
FG23-111 Gemcolite® FB
FG23-112HD Gemcolite® HD
FG23-119 Wetpack
FG26-116000 Gemcolite® AS
FG26-115050 Gemcolite® ASA
AA15-SAF T-Cast® (15 lbs/cu. ft.)
AA30-SAF T-Cast® (30 lbs/cu. ft.)
AA45-SAF T-Cast® (45 lbs/cu. ft.)
AA45-SIN Sinterlyte™
AA45-SIN-C Sinterlyte™
AA45-SIN-Z Sinterlyte™
RSI4-BLANK 4 lbs/ft³ Ceramic Fiber Blanket
RSI8-BLANK 8 lbs/ft³ Ceramic Fiber Blanket
MIGHT-L Mightylite™ L
MIGHT-M Mightylite™ M
MIGHT-X Mightylite™ X
MIGHT-S Mightylite™ S
IR-A16 Amorsil™
IR-Q16 Q-Board™
AAF-1 T-Cast Filler
AAF-G T-Cast Adhesive
RS360-F Gemcohesive®
RS360-A Gemcohesive®
RS181 Coating
RIG-115 Rigidizer
RIG-130 Rigidizer
WP1-19 Sealant
COA-BN BN Coating