Fuel Cell insulation is needed for thermochemical stability under fuel rich environments. Utilizing insulation for fuel cells means very low thermal conductivity and reliable performance when the insulation is exposed to the air/fuel mixture at high temperatures.

Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components (UETC) has many insulation products to fit your fuel cell.

Insulation Products for Fuel Cells

  • MicroCell™ Microporous Insulation
    • Good for limited space and/or superior thermal insulation performance is required, with temperatures up to 1150°C (2100°F)
    • Available in two grades
      • MicroCell™-S
      • MicroCell™-A
  • T-Cast ® All Alumina Insulation
    • Formed from polycrystalline alumina fibers and high purity alumina binders
    • Available in several densities with varying degrees of insulating properties
  • Sinterlyte™ High Purity Kiln Furniture
    • Provides non-reactive surface
    • Coatings eliminate dusting and provide a smoother, more wear-resistant surface
    • Can be made into sheets, corrugated plates, or custom shapes
    • Low thermal conductivity and heat storage make
    • Thermal shock resistance means fast cycling without cracking or spalling
  • Ceramic Fiber Blankets, Felts, and Papers
    • Available in standard widths, thicknesses, custom sizes, and die-cut shapes
    • Ceramic Fiber Blankets are available in the wet blanket form with an inorganic binder added
  • High Temperature Adhesives
    • Available in three types
      • Gemcohesive®
      • Gemcohesive®-Alumina
      • T-Cast ® Glue or Filler
  • Surface Treatments
    • UETC Rigidizer™
    • Gemseal™
    • High Purity Coatings
    • Ceria, Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ), and Alumina compositions are available for Sinterlyte™ kiln setters