T-Cast® All Alumina Insulation

T-Cast Alumina Insulation Custom Shapes


SDSTechnical Data Sheet

High purity alumina insulation materials for applications up to 2900°F

T-Cast® all alumina refractory formulations were developed for

use in applications where the presence of silica would be detrimental in high temperature reducing atmospheres such as those encountered in syn-gas processes or hydrogen fuel cells. T-Cast® products are formed from polycrystalline alumina fibers and high purity alumina binders and are available in several densities with varying degrees of insulating properties.

Fuel Cell Tube Insulation

T-Cast Alumina Insulation Surface Treated

Manufacturing capabilities

T-Cast® can be formed as boards, sleeves, chambers and any custom shape. In addition, Unifrax Engineered Thermal Components has a wide range of machining capabilities for added details and tight tolerances. Insulation Boards may be surface treated to provide additional erosion or chemical resistance for use in hostile environments. T-Cast® materials can have hardware molded or installed into them to provide easy installation.

Applications include:

T-Cast® Fuel Cell Insulation

T-Cast Alumina Insulation Custom Machined

  • Reducing Atmospheres
  • Reformers
  • Kiln and Industrial furnace insulation linings
  • Kiln setters