SDS | Technical Data Sheet

Versatile insulation materials and refractory high temperature linings for
2300ºF and 2600°F applications

Wetpack™ Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Wetpack Ceramic Fiber Insulation

Wetpack is a moist, vacuum formed sheet of alumina-silica fiber with inorganic binder. Packed in heat sealed plastic bags, it is easily shaped or molded, and achieves its refractory high temperature insulating capabilities as the blanket dries. The properties of Wetpack Insulation Blankets allow for easy creation of prototypes and test shapes.

Custom Formulations

Custom Formulations with organic and inorganic binders are available for use up to 3000ºF.

Excellent Energy Conservation

Low thermal conductivity and heat storage make Wetpack materials an outstanding energy saver.

Applications include:

  • Boiler and Water heater linings for combustion areas
  • Pipe insulation
  • Gasketing
  • Heat Shielding
  • Fire Protection
  • Kiln and Industrial furnace insulation linings
  • Flue liners
  • Backup insulation for castables, brick, etc.
  • Burner assemblies, and nozzles
  • Usable anywhere high temperature insulation is required