In answer to increased demand for kiln fired products and new ultra high temperature product lines, RSI has purchased two new furnaces to be installed at their Sebring, OH Facility. The new equipment will be a critical part of the company’s continued growth.

The first furnace to be installed is a 1650°C (3000°F) capable kiln and will be operational by the end of August. The second furnace is capable of 1260°C (2300°F), and expected to be operational in September.

The 1650°C kiln was acquired to enable the production of RSI’s new ultra high temperature product line SinterLyte™ Kiln Setters. In addition to kiln furniture the new kiln will allow RSI to produce preshrunk materials for ultra high temperature furnaces. The new furnace has a working area of 40” wide x 60” long x 40” tall.

The 1260°C kiln was acquired to meet increased demand for fired product. The furnace will increase RSI’s high temperature firing capabilities by 250%. The kiln has a working area of 60” wide x 144” long x 60” tall.

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Dan Worley
Alternative Energy Technologist
Refractory Specialties, Inc.