In response to customer demand, RSI has developed two new materials from which lightweight insulation panels are made that exhibit superior infrared reflection properties. The two new products have been tentatively named AmorSil™ and Q-Board™.

New test equipment was constructed to evaluate the success of the new products. The Infrared Reflection Comparative Test Station, or IRC test stand, was designed to compare the amount of infrared energy reflected from the surface of rigid insulation panels. The amount of energy reflected is calculated directly from temperature gain, which is of primary importance to dryer, oven and kiln manufacturers. A full disclosure of the apparatus and methods is available in the RSI technical papers area, Infrared Reflection Comparison Apparatus and Methods.

Using these methods, AmorSil™ has returned values averaging 92%, and Q-Board™ has returned values of 96%. These compare favorably with samples of Quartzel®*, a well known product of similar purpose, which returned values of 90% under identical testing.

AmorSil™ is a proprietary blend of chemically and thermally treated amorphous silica fibers and inorganic binders. Q-Board™ is a proprietary blend of fused quartz fibers and inorganic binders that is 100% made in North America. Click on the links to visit their product pages for current additional information.

*Quartzel® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Quartz, a business unit of the Saint-Gobain group.

Greg Gorby
Refractory Specialties, Inc.